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We Deal With All Major Insurance Companies For Windshield Repairs & Replacement

• We deal with all insurance companies
• We will handle all billing
We pay up to 100% of your windshield deductible

A deductible is an amount the policy holder is required to pay. This amount may vary depending on the policy. Sprint Auto Glass covers most deductibles.

Some insurance companies have a prompt when you call them for glass coverage. This prompt will send you directly to a network which will take the claim. Most policy holders do not realize these networks are owned by glass repair shops. In turn, the network will refer you to its closest shop depending on postal code. You, the policy holder in turn will be unfairly prompted to have your glass replaced based on a network’s and not your insurance company’s choice of repair facility. It is your right to have glass replaced by a reputable shop such as Sprint Auto Glass.

Will My Insurance Pay for Repair?

Most insurance companies will not only cover the cost of the repair, but also usually will waive your deductible. This practice saves both you and your insurance company money in the long run.

Will This Affect my Insurance Rates?

A chip repair will not affect your insurance premium. However, if you prefer not to make a claim repair, it can be repaired for forty dollars.

IInsurance companies with whom we deal:

    - Allstate
    - Aviva
    - Axa
    - Belair
    - CAA
    - Canadian Life
    - Certas
    - CHUB
    - Cosaco
    - Cooperators
    - Dominion
    - Economical
    - Farmers Mutual
    - Federation
    - General Accident
    - Grey Power
    - Guarantee Company
    - Halifax
    - ING
    - Johnson
    - Kingsway
    - Lloyds
    - Motors
    - Monnex
    - P.C.
    - Personal
    - Perth
    - Premium
    - Pilot
    - R.B.C.
    - Pilot
    - R.B.C.
    - Royal
    - Scotish York
    - State Farm
    - TD Insurance
    - Trafalgar
    - Unifund
    - Waterloo
    - Wawonesa
    - Western
    - York Fire
    - Zenith
    - Zurich
    - and many more...
    - GE Fleet

Fleet Corporate Accounts Accepted - Airi / P.H.H. / G.E.



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